Master tapas

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Fecha Edición 1ª: 2012
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Idioma: Inglés
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   The Spanish Tapas are not only a way of eating if not means an attitude and way of life, a great and wonderful vehicle to interact with others. 
  In reality eating Tapas is enjoying the life, is go out , meet with the friends and together around a bar or to a table, where between bite and bite, between sip and sip, anecdotes are counted, jokes or talks friendly. Taking tapas signifies for many people one of the happiest and relaxing moments of theirs lives.

    Explained step by step with photographs for its better comprehension, we will be able to taste the authentic specialties of the best Spanish restaurants as the inequable Omelette of Potatos, the sweet and aromatic Ham of Acorn, the popular Brave Potatos, the delicious Anchovies in Salting; finishing for example with its various earthenware with Piquillo Peppers Chorizo, the world famous Romana Battered Squid and of course, the Galician Octopus.

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