How to Discover if a Woman Likes You

Guys, How to Discover if a Woman Likes You
Formato: Papel
ISBN: 978-84-939673-2-1
Fecha de la Edición: 2011
Encuadernación: Rústica color
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Nº de páginas: 83
Idioma: Inglés
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Formato: Kindle

ISBN: 978-84-939673-1-4
Fecha de la Edición: 2011
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Idioma: Inglés
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   This book, unquestionably innovative, is the first one that deals with the different kinds of sexual attitudes, signals, language and corporal expressions that women adopt when they like a man, even to have sex or to form a couple.
   We will submerge on the deep and fascinating feminine world, that it, on the most extraordinary, passionate and dreamy of all. Their sensitiveness and their need to affective contact make women to transmit different signals, most of them unconscious and instinctively, that show their well-kept wishes to men; those wishes that appear during their erotic dreams.
   We will observe, on one hand, their corporal signals such as movements with their legs, with their arms, with their hair or with their tongue and, on the other hand, their strategies at work, the friend´s meetings or the moments to go to sleep.
   We would discover all their wishes – sweet, innocent, erotic and even naughty wishes- if we learn to read their signals and if we are able to observe, with sensitivity and respect, their expressive world.
   This is an extraordinary book that will approach men to women. Women, our companion throughout our life, who keep deep inside the passionate wish to find the love.

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