Paella. By a Valencian chef.

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1st. Edition: 2013
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   Do you want to know the best types of Valencian paella? To cook authentic paella, you need all the secrets about the varieties of rice, cooking time, different kinds of broth, tools and different types of fire: wood, gas or barbacue.

   We are going to cook 60 types of paella: meat paellas, seafood paellas and vegetables
paellas, the most important and delicious rice dishes such as Valencian paella D.O., Smoked grilled rice with rabbit and black pepper, Serrano ham and artichokes paella, Black rice, Bobwhite, piquillo peppers and pine nuts paella, Lobster paella, Watery rice with monkfish and clams or Shellfish paella.

   Jose Maria Cal is a Valencian chef, expert in paellas. From his restaurant in Sagunto, he proposes us the best paellas and rice dishes of all the Valencian Country: the best rice cooking region in the world.

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